Summoned or Not: Prelude

Late 2018 I wrote 8 chapters delving into the deeper parts of our minds. 8 chapters showing you how your brains actually function (and no there’s almost no rationality to it). Primarily focusing on where the limitations in your thinking come from and how to solve them.

I received a lot of positive feedback when I released it. Several people reached out to me to tell me it had made a major positive impact on their lives.

Unfortunately I noticed that someone with a big twitter account was blatantly stealing my work. I got angry at this and as a knee jerk reaction, I pulled it all offline.

Looking back, this was a mistake, because the 8 chapters of Summoned or Not are a great read that can totally change the way you see your mind and can be the beginning of you solving the mental limitations holding you back.

So I have decided to re-release it. And the first 3 chapters will be free to read.

There’s a quote I’ve seen pass by a couple of times lately. It says that we’re an inbetween generation. Born too late to explore the earth, yet too early to explore space. This quote misses something important though. We are born right on time for the exploration of our mind.

Neuroscience is set to make major discoveries in the next twenty to thirty years. We have rediscovered ancient knowledge thanks to the likes of Freud, Jung and Erickson. Most importantly though, we now have the internet.

Right now, most of us know very little about what goes on inside our brains. I am the first to admit that I too do not hold all the answers to what makes us tick. I can give you some very interesting insights and questions though.

I’ll give you a warning here before you continue. You’ll never be able to look at yourself the same way ever again after you’re done reading this. You probably won’t even be the same person anymore ever again.

So good luck and have fun. We’ll be going through some very interesting parts of who you are. Because in summary, this writing is about you.

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